Haile Plantation and Newberry Road home sales in Gainesville FL

Haile Plantation and Newberry Road home sales in Gainesville FL

Haile Plantation Pasture and main entrance - Gainesville FL

Well, first it would probably be best to define which neighborhoods comprise the Haile Plantation and Newberry Road South areas. Here they are in alphabetical order:

Abbey Glen, Avalon, Balmoral, Biltmore Estates, Biltmore, Buckingham East, Buckingham Forest, Buckingham South, Buckingham West, Cambridge Forest, Cheney Walk Estates, Cobble Field/Arundel, Cobble Field/Braemar, Cobble Field/Dunnideer, Cobble Field/Hedingham, Cobble Field/Kelburn, Cobble Field/Pembridge, Cobble Field/Sedgewick, Cobble Field/Thornbury, Cobblefield, Eloise Gardens, Fairfield Manor, Fletcher Park, Forrest Manor, Fort Clarke Forest, Garison Way, Glenwood Estates, Grande View Estates, Granite Parke, Haile Plantation/Albury Round, Haile Plantation/Amelia Gardens, Haile Plantation/Annadale Round, Haile Plantation/Ashleigh Circle, Haile Plantation/Bedford Square, Haile Plantation/Benjamins Grove, Haile Plantation/Bennets Garden, Haile Plantation/Branton Court, Haile Plantation/Buellers Way, Haile Plantation/Camden Court, Haile Plantation/Cameron Park, Haile Plantation/Carlton Court, Haile Plantation/Century Oaks, Haile Plantation/Charleston Park, Haile Plantation/Chestnut Hill, Haile Plantation/Chickasaw Way, Haile Plantation/Colson Corner, Haile Plantation/Evans Hollow, Haile Plantation/Fairhaven, Haile Plantation/Founders Hill, Haile Plantation/Grahams Mill, Haile Plantation/Haile Market Square, Haile Plantation/Hampstead Park, Haile Plantation/Heritage Green, Haile Plantation/Hickory Walk, Haile Plantation/India Station, Haile Plantation/Indigo Square, Haile Plantation/Katelyn Lane, Haile Plantation/Kestral Point, Haile Plantation/Laurel Park, Haile Plantation/Lenox Gardens, Haile Plantation/Lexington Farms, Haile Plantation/Madison Square, Haile Plantation/Magnolia Walkm Haile Plantation/Market Square, Haile Plantation/Matheson Woods, Haile Plantation/Matthews Grant, Haile Plantation/Middleton Green, Haile Plantation/Millington, Haile Plantation/Mills Glen, Haile Plantation/Oakmont, Haile Plantation/Plantation Villas, Haile Plantation/Planters Grove, Haile Plantation/Preserve, Haile Plantation/Prestonwood, Haile Plantation/Quail Court, Haile Plantation/Retreat Place, Haile Plantation/Rosemond Way, Haile Plantation/Sable Pointe, Haile Plantation/Southbrooke, Haile Plantation/Southgate, Haile Plantation/Spalding Place, Haile Plantation/Storeys Round, Haile Plantation/Stratford Ridge, Haile Plantation/Sutherland Crossing, Haile Plantation/The Hamptons, Haile Plantation/The Links, Haile Plantation/Victoria Circle, Haile Plantation/Village Center, Haile Plantation/Westfield Commons, Haile Plantation/Whitaker Oaks, Haile Plantation/William Kent Court, Hall Estates, Hamilton Heights, Hamilton Pond, Hampton Ridge, Hayes Glen, Jockey Club, Kenwood, Kim Sue Estates, Namora Estates, Oaklands, Oakleigh, Parker Road, Parkside, Plantation Estates, Portofino, Quail Hollow, Quarries, Reserve, Ridgemont, Rolling Meadows, Royal Oak, Sawbuck, Shafto, Meadows, Shannon Woods, Splitrail, Stillwind, Sunningdale, Sunnybrook Estates, Sunrise, Sunset Farms, Sunshine Acres, The Village at Haile, Tomoka Hills, Tower 24, Town of Tioga, Valwood, Weatherstone, West End Estates, Westchester Manor, Westwood, Wilds Plantation, Windward Meadows, Woodlands.

Haile and Newberry Road South Areas Number of Homes Sold

Haile Plantation and Newberry Road Area Number of Homes Sold

Exhibit A – More homes were sold in the Haile and Newberry Road South areas during the first 3 quarters of 2009 when compared to the first 3 quarters of 2010.

Haile Plantation and Newberry Road South Areas Median Sales Price

Haile Plantation and Newberry Road Areas - Median Sales Price

Exhibit B – For the most part, median prices for homes sold in the Haile and Newberry Road areas were higher in 2009 than they were in 2010. The third quarter of 2010 changed that pattern, with median sales prices being higher in 3Q2010 vs 3Q2009. This is mainly due to the sale of several high end homes during the third quarter of this year which skewed the median sales price considerably upward.

Haile Plantation and Newberry Road Areas – Average Days on Market

Haile Plantation and Newberry Road Areas - Average Days on Market

Exhibit C – It’s taking longer to sell homes in 2010 than it did in 2009. Average days on market in 2010 seems to be decreasing. This trend should continue as home sellers price their homes to sell in this market.

Absorption Rate looks at past market performance to estimate how long it will take to sell all of the homes currently in inventory. As of today (October 14, 2010), there are 235 homes for sale in the Haile and Newberry Road South areas. Nineteen (19) homes sold in the Haile and Newberry Road South areas during September 2010. This means that, all things being equal, it would take 12.4 months to sell all the homes currently on the market in these areas.

What this means for buyers – Huge home selections, soft prices, and interest rates that haven’t been this low since World War II mean that NOW is the time to BUY.

If you are considering a home purchase, your first step is getting preapproved by a local lender, a relatively painless process that can oftentimes be done over the phone.

What this means for sellers – Having more than a year’s worth of homes on the market means the strategy of “let’s price it high and come down later” is probably NOT the best idea if you want to sell your home in any reasonable time frame. In order to get the most bang for your buck, you need to look NICER than all the other homes in your neighborhood and you need to be priced LESS (or on the lower end) than all the other homes in your neighborhood.

If you are not willing to do this you may want to seriously consider trading in the For Sale sign for a giant lawn Santa. Just sayin’.

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