Thanks to Active Rain, I’ve got an SEO-Optimized Website Up & Running (and getting better every day!)

When I first showed up here about six months back, I had no idea what SEO WAS, much less how to optimize it!

Now, thanks to all of you (and a special shout out to Brad Andersohn and Jeremy Blanton who seem to provide me with new homework every day!) I think I’m finally…FINALLY….beginning to get it.

Thanks to Active Rain, I have turned into a butt-expanding blogging machine! Posting 3 blogs or so a week is whipping my raindrops on my SEO website into a full-fledged storm!

Blogger graphic

I have turned into an obsessed self-Googler as a result.  For SHAME!

Anyway…..after reading so much information I thought my eyeballs would fall out, it dawned on me that I needed an agent website that could build on my SEO optimization thingamabob.

And so, without further ado, I invite you all to check it out….

The new……

The (hopefully, MUCH) improved……!!!

Realizing I am still just a mere blip of a drip in training, I would appreciate any feedback you might have….compliments are also warmly accepted (oh, and feel free to lie).  🙂

Have a great day, everyone…..and THANK YOU, to EVERYONE, for all of your help!!

I LOVE the Rain!

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