Sebastian’s House – Sell a home, build a children’s hospital

Sebastian’s House is an effort by local Realtors to help the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation raise money to build a full-service children’s hospital in Gainesville Florida. The foundation was founded by Horst and Luisa Ferrero, who lost their healthy 3 year old son, Sebastian Ferrero, due to a series of medical errors which ultimately led to his death in October 2007.

Rather than retreat from the world, Horst and Luisa created the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation. From their website:

“The mission of the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation is to advocate and fundraise for a full service, state-of-the-art children’s hospital in Gainesville, Florida while promoting excellence in patient safety and insuring that all families are treated with compassion, courtesy and dignity.”

The heartfelt cause that sprang from their grief ignited the passions of the Gainesville community, and fundraising efforts to make the dream  a reality in the Gator Nation began springing up all over.

Sebastian’s House is one such effort.  Check it out:

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