If any of you are into real estate prayers, I need your help this evening

Bell Acres home

Our home outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania has been on the market in going on 18 months.  Last month we were so excited. We had a buyer come in…2nd visit….was between our house and one other, across town…turns out there was a new wasp nest we did not know about, and potential buyer got zapped.

They decided rather than pick between the houses, they were going to rent.

I’m guessing that was our realtor’s way of keeping us out of the loony bin….because apparently the wasp people went back today for their 3rd showing. They are interested. They are discussing.

And I need your help!

If you believe in the power of positive thinking/prayer/WHATEVER, I beg you to throw a few good thoughts our way into the universe tonight. I love joking around but I am NOT KIDDING when I say we REALLY. NEED. TO. SELL. THIS. HOUSE.

I’m sure there are a lot more important things to pray for….but this is really, really important to our family.

I know I don’t know most of you in person, and chances are I probably never will.

But if you wouldn’t mind throwing a few good thoughts in the direction of our family tonight, I’d really appreciate it.


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