Gainesville homeowner finds squirrel in toilet

Gainesville homeowner finds squirrel in toilet

How to keep squirrels out of your toilet

While chatting with a Gainesville homeowner,  I was regaled with the freakiest tale I have heard in quite a while.

Seems that Mrs. Homeowner got the surprise of her life one afternoon. Returning home from work, she went to use the bathroom, lifted up the lid, and saw some lifeless furry thing inside the bowl.

She slammed down the lid, called her husband, and announced there was a dead squirrel in their toilet.

He didn’t believe her until he got home to fish the corpse out of the bowl.

It’s funny to think that these homeowners kept their toilet lids down as a baby-proofing measure. Who knew that, in trying to keep their baby OUT of the toilet, they inadvertently locked something IN.

How did a squirrel get in their toilet??

Well, apparently, this is not an isolated incident.

The best way to keep squirrels (and frogs, apparently and you can go here to know about it) out of your toilet?  Put a screen cover on your roof vent. To know more about the other permanent solutions, you can browse this site to find them.

Oh. And Make Sure You Look Down First.

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