Facebook etiquette for Realtors – another opinion

Facebook etiquette for Realtors – another opinion

I was reading somebody’s blog  about Facebook etiquette and the best way to utilize Facebook to grow your business. The gist of the piece (which, of course, I cannot seem to locate now….aargh) was that we need to  “neutralize” ourselves on our profile….not stating our religious or political affiliation, for instance….so that we do not alienate potential customers.

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As a woman staring down into the first part of the second half of her first century, I have a different take entirely, and it is this:  I am done hiding who I am from people.  Regularly pushing down opinions, thoughts, and feelings in the name of “keeping the peace” or “not rocking the boat” or whatever term you prefer takes a LOT of work….and frankly, I’m not sure it’s a healthy way to live.

And even if it is a healthy way to live…..well, so is consuming 5-8 fruits and vegetables a day and I don’t follow that one too closely either.

To me, Facebook is MY place to reconnect with people and to get to know new people as well, through our shared interests, likes, and dislikes.

There are many groups I wouldn’t dream of joining on Facebook (and many groups I wouldn’t dream of joining in “real life” either) because they just do not reflect who I am or what I like.

I cannot even tell you how freeing it has been, meeting back up with people from different points in my life (elementary school, high school, past jobs, etc) and finding out that the reasons why we clicked back THEN are pretty much the same reasons we click now as well….we share a lot of things….likes, or dislikes, or opinions, or views, or whatever…..in common….and the reason we “click” is we see part of ourselves  reflected back in each other.

And I think there is a lot to be said for having things in common with people, especially with people I am going to be tied to for several months or more during the buying and/or selling process.

Maybe it’s just me, but I just can’t see the point of working on a 100% commission basis with someone who reminds me of a REALLY bad blind date, but a REALLY bad blind date where I won’t have any chance to politely excuse myself, slip off to the ladies room,  and climb out the window.

And I don’t think my potential customers should have to endure such a situation either.

This business can be tough enough as it is……why add personality clashes to the mix?  After all, there’s no reason to go over Donner pass when there’s an easier way around and nobody has to get eaten.


Contrary to current business wisdom, my Facebook profile shows my religious and political views, it shows the groups I belong to and the causes I support, it allows my “friends” (business and otherwise) to “see” what I think and feel and what I do with my time.

And if any potential customers stumble across my Facebook page in the search for a Gainesville real estate agent, and are completely repulsed by what they find, then they’ll move along and find someone more to their liking, which is more than fine by me.

I want to travel this road with those who wish to be on the journey with me.

As for my well-honed skills of stuffing my feelings, thoughts, and opinions in the name of harmony?

I won’t let them go to waste.

After all, there’s always Thanksgiving dinner.

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