After 18 months, I am THRILLED to announce….

our house in PA is officially UNDER CONTRACT!

Now, granted, we paid $587,000 for it 4 years ago….

and then dumped another $40K into it replacing all 24 windows, adding a new energy-efficient front door, and installing an energy-efficient gas fireplace,

and who EVER thought we would be THRILLED to go under contract for $485,000 for the same house??

Okay, so my husband’s not thrilled.  In fact, he’s sort of hyperventilating.

But I AM thrilled….because, God willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll be closing the beginning of December and then we’ll go into major rebuilding mode….we DO have 2 kids to get through college….and thankfully that’s a few years off still as we have a MOUNTAIN of credit card debt to get rid of first.

And people want to know why I’m such a kick-butt realtor.

Nothing like fear of starvation and homelessness to kick my butt into high gear!


Inspections are scheduled for Saturday….

Please keep us in your thoughts as we negotiate that hair-raiser (everything should be fine as we were, and still are, zealous about keeping up the house).

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers during this very trying time….you guys ROCK!!

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