Understands medical relocation issues

“Coleen DeGroff is an agent I would highly recommend to anyone. She has a particular understanding for those relocating for medicine as well as other professional positions. She is knowledgeable, understanding, and hardworking. Coleen helped us with the sale of our home that we purchased while we were in Gainesville. Due to our medical background we moved to Minnesota and were stuck with the house in Gainesville. We contacted Coleen DeGroff and told her about our situation. She coordinated everything we needed to get the house on the market quick. She met with our rental company to get the keys and took it from there. Coleen also had such wonderful recommendations for contractors, cleaners, and painters. Not only did she have these contacts she met with them at the home almost on a daily basis to make sure everything was done right. With the help of Coleen we turned a 7 year rental home into a remarkable quality for sale home in less than 20 days. I say quality because once we put it on the market with the other 3 homes in our neighborhood we had 3 offers within 24 hours and got above asking!! This was all due to Coleen’s hard work & dedication to be the best! If you need an agent, you want the best and the best is Coleen DeGroff. Thanks Coleen!!” – Pam and Philip Wackel, Rochester, Minnesota

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