Competent and responsive

I’m a real estate broker/investor who relocated to Gainesville in 2011.  While searching for an agent, I wanted 2 things:
1) Competence
2) Responsiveness

I’m pleased to say that with Coleen, I got both.  Despite having to jump through some hoops to get what I wanted (and for the right price), we were able to do so.  Since I wasn’t familiar with the Gainesville market, I had to count on her to give me an honest (if brutal) assessment of market conditions.  So many Realtors these days “puff” the market and (pardon my French), blow smoke up clients’ butts, and it was refreshing to find one who did not.

If only she’d stop HUGGING me so much…

Dan Richman – Owner/CTO at Davis Farrell Technology

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