Goes above and beyond

As first time home buyers my husband and I literally had no clue where to even begin.  Luckily, we were referred to Coleen DeGroff to be our real estate agent extraordinaire! From our very first meeting Coleen answered every question, big or small, and realized quickly that no detail was too much for this control freak trying to buy her first home. She really listened to what we wanted and spent many nights and weekends showing us homes so that we didn’t have to miss any work during the hunt.

When we described our “perfect” home she gave us properties to look at that met no less than 85% of those qualities. We spent a good 8 months just looking at all of the options around Gainesville and its surrounding communities. After getting a taste of what was most important to us we met again and Coleen presented me with the properties she knew would be best for our circumstance. It took less than a week for us to put in an offer, on our now, new home.

On a daily basis Coleen went above and beyond what I would consider to be a “normal” Realtor/buyer relationship and actually made the process fun. She is extremely knowledgeable about her job and if she doesn’t have an immediate answer she will get one for you. She fights for her buyers to get the most fair price, added upgrades (if available), and the fastest negotiations around town.

She is also a wealth of knowledge in regards to the other people you need on your team to purchase a home. Her referrals for inspectors, lawyers, etc. were also some of the most kind and knowledgeable people I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing business with.

I can only hope that when we decide to move in the future Coleen is still in the Gainesville area — otherwise I’ll be racking up some major travel expenses to make sure she’s still our gal! Thank you, Coleen; our life is more blessed because of you!

Cassie & Brian Bagomolny – Gainesville Florida

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