Honest, compassionate, and efficient

How do I love Coleen DeGroff? Let me count the ways: Though the real estate market was still somewhat off, She sold my house in just eight days.

How did she accomplish this astonishing feat? She did a thorough study of the comps in my area, then evaluated the things that made my home unique and had an impact on its value. She was spot on determining what the listing price should be. She then gave me explicit (and very simple) instructions for staging the house for viewing. She took excellent photographs. She listed it on the MLS, she blogged about it, she posted it on her Facebook page. In less than 24 hours, I had traffic. A LOT of traffic. On the eighth day, three buyers came within hours of one another to view it. All three agents called her to say their clients were submitting offers. So she told each of them that there were competing offers coming in, so they should be serious if they were really interested. Within minutes the first offer was in: full asking price, from qualified buyers, with cash down and a pre-approved loan. BOOM. Done deal.

How can you help Coleen do a great job selling your house? DO WHATEVER SHE TELLS YOU TO DO. She knows her business, she knows the area, she understands how these transactions work. She anticipates potential issues and is proactive about dealing with them so they don’t become problems that will derail the deal. Best of all, she knows how stressful selling a home is, and she minimizes that stress for you as much as possible.

She is honest, compassionate, thoughtful, attentive, efficient, and is unfazed by the minutiae that has to be dealt with in order to close successfully.

I can’t recommend her highly enough, and you couldn’t make a better choice if you’re looking for someone to help you buy a home, or if you want to sell yours. Call Coleen. Right now. I’ll wait here while you do it.

Chris Wells
Development Director of Residential and Individual Giving
United Way

**Originally posted on Zillow March 12, 2014

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