Maximized our purchase value

If you would like a Realtor who is consistent; positive yet realistic; extremely patient; available 24 hours a day; and who can get you happily from ‘zero’ to ‘closing’ in less than a month, then I would recommend Coleen DeGroff.

Coleen was integral in helping us find a home from out of state, and she maximized our purchase value under considerable budget constraints. As a huge bonus, Coleen went beyond her scope: she facilitated an exceptionally high-quality inspection; she introduced us to trustworthy contractors for renovations; she adeptly coordinated a non-typical closing; and, she kept us laughing and smiling while getting things done rapidly.

After all the paperwork was finished, not only did we gain a home, but we also gained a friend. Accordingly, Coleen has our highest recommendation.

Michael Davidson, PhD – Bridge Software Institute – University of Florida

**originally published on Zillow July 31 2013

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