Gainesville short sales – are we done with them?

Gainesville short sales came onto the scene in 2008 when they comprised 1.8% of total single-family homes sold in the Gainesville market area. Every year since then,  Gainesville area short sales have comprised an increasingly larger share of our market, according to analysis of Gainesville MLS statistics conducted on January 13, 2013.

Gainesville short sales 2007 to 2012
Short sales as a percentage of single-family home sales in the Gainesville MLS market area 2007-2012

These figures do not include short sale condos and townhomes.

Short sales comprised 10.4% of all single-family homes sold in 2012 in the Gainesville MLS market area.

Currently Gainesville area short sales represent 15.7% of total homes available for sale in the Gainesville MLS market area. The percentage of Gainesville area short sales is much higher when condos and townhomes are factored into the equation.

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