Most of us realize that any property will sell, so long as it’s priced appropriately for the market conditions. The difference in service and experience, however, can not only mean that you’d get a higher price for you home, but that the entire process goes smoothly, calmly, and without a hitch. That’s what I bring to the table. Of course there are many components to selling a home for the most money and in the shortest amount of time. Here is an overview of what selling with me looks like:

Selling with Coleen DeGroff:

  • I listen and help you classify your priorities for selling the home, focusing on the factors that are most important to you. It is important for me to know what your goals with the sale are in order to best help you achieve them.
  • A plan for moving towards those goals that is specific to your property, your needs and your circumstances. If that includes staging or changing bits of landscaping – no problem. If the property needs more than that, I’ll be happy to advise you and help you negotiate with any contractors and service providers and I’ll help make sure that work gets done on time and on the budget.
  • Professional photography designed to showcase the very best aspects of the home online and in print.
  • Property video that will be syndicated to every resource consumers use to search for properties for sale.
  • Premier advertising on real estate buying portals including Zillow and
  • A custom, gorgeous website devoted exclusively to your property.
  • Direct mail campaigns targeted to specific areas and neighborhoods to spread the word about your home. We are a place full of transplants and word of mouth sometimes works wonders to attract just the right buyer.
  • Full transparency when and how you want it: I will keep you posted on our progress the way YOU want me to, whether by email, text or a phone call however often you’d like.
  • Seamless handling of all paperwork and all contingencies.
  • Aggressive and effective negotiation on your behalf, so that you do not get taken advantage of.

If this appeals to you, give me a call or fill out this form to find out how much your home is likely to sell for in today’s market: Get Started »