Vicious Rumors of The Tax Credit Being Extended?

Wonderful article about the possible extension of the homebuyer tax credit by my AR colleague Jason Sardi. 

Via Jason Sardi, Mortgage Banker (FHA-VA-USDA-Conventional-Pennsylvania Loans):

I’m going to give you a link.  However, you have to promise to come back and visit after you’ve clicked on it and read it.

Scout’s honor?  Okay, I’ll trust you for now.

Here it is.

If you comprehend the written word the way I do, you’re screwed.  I’m kidding.  It’s pretty evident that there is a more than decent chance that the Tax Credit for folks buying a home is going to be extended.

What does this mean?

I’ll tuck away any politics, agendas, opinions, or anything (though theoretically I hate not to expound my own beliefs;) dealing with nothing about YOU right now.  Here’s what it may mean:

  • The Tax Credit may be extended, which is $8,000 for the good guys (You).
  • Legitamate Home Prices continue to be in the buyer’s favor (You).
  • Interest Rates are still amazingly low, which make payments on such collateral much lower for (You).

And now ends the facts and enters my opinion.  If you can qualify and are ready, buy a freaking home.  In an age where all the above exist, there’s not too many better times to do so. 

Scout’s honor.


About The Author:  Jason Sardi is human.  He’s been in the Mortgage Industry since 2001 and he kind of knows what he speaks about.  He doesn’t endorse anything, especially those Velcro Flip-Flops that Jennifer bought for me on the celebration of the day that I was born.  Though they were much appreciated, sweetheart.  The guy is a scout.


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